Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Race Horses - My Year Abroad

Album debut 'Goodbye Falkenburg' was very promising. The new single My Year Abroad of Welsh band Race Horses confirms this is a talented band. New album is called Furniture. Singer Meilyr Jones about the sound of Race Horses: "I think sound is so political. We wanted to have a no-style sound on this record, just let the music be as plain as direct as possible. People are used to hearing stuff in a certain way. I know I certainly hate the narrow palette in terms of sound, fashion and words that bands offer up to people as popular music. I think this is largely bands giving people what they expect. There are very little real, interesting, brave people making music. i suppose rock 'n roll in pop culture is something old, and by now has become hijacked and standardised and has lost most of its meaning in terms of being a radical expressive thing. I do think it is easier to be independent if you do not feel the pressure of doing things a certain way. Growing up in rural Wales, we were a million miles away from these expectations. The only expectation was to be good at guitar, like Hendrix, nothing to do with looking cool really."

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