Saturday, 6 November 2010

Paragraph - Powernap

Stevige indiedanceshit met ruige synths. Chic punk heet hun EP. En dit is een floorkiller. Komen uit NYC. Zes man. Melodic Daft vs Leftfield punkish.

Paragraph: "Around the time our original drummer left the band, we began experimenting with drum machines. That really shaped our sound. When we play live, we use three forms of drums: electronic drums and two percussionists. It's been working out for us as far as dance music is concerned, and we still feel like we have freedom to play with our dynamics. It's been nice. As far as recording goes, we feel like we've only just begun to take advantage of technology."

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Paragraph- 'Powernap' from Jay Sansone on Vimeo.

'Powernap' by Paragraph, dir Jay Sansone

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