Monday, 29 November 2010

The naked and the famous - Girls like you

Stevige rockband met stekkers uit Nieuw Zeeland. Ze stonden daar op 1 met Young Blood. Thom Powers en Alisa Xayalith zijn het creatieve hart van de band. Worden vergeleken met Passion Pit en MGMT. Gaat mij iets te ver, maar ze komen makkelijk boven het maaiveld uit. Debuutalbum: Passive Me, Aggressive You.

The Naked and Famous have been likened to American Indy Pop heroes Passion Pit and MGMT. “On one hand it’s kind of flattering, it’s nice to be seen alongside things that aren’t… making us kind of New Zealand,” says Thom. “It’s nice to be seen in a different light. But it’s also frustrating that some people can only hear things on a surface level and miss out on all the intricacies.”

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The Naked and Famous - Girls Like You from Special Problems on Vimeo.

Young Blood:

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