Saturday, 9 May 2009

Buckethead - A real diamond in the rough

Buckethead. Oftewel gitaarvirtuoos Brian Patrick Carroll. Songwriter vult nieuw album met mooi gepolijste diamantjes. Titel: A real diamond in the rough. Hij droeg jarenlang een emmer van KFC op zijn hoofd. Speelt regelmatig met Bootsy Collins.

Ozzy Osbourne: "I tried out that Buckethead guy. I met with him and asked him to work with me, but only if he got rid of the fucking bucket. So I came back a bit later, and he's wearing this green fucking Martian's-hat thing! I said, 'Look, just be yourself.' He told me his name was Brian, so I said that's what I'd call him. He says, 'No one calls me Brian except my mother.' So I said, 'Pretend I'm your mum then!' I haven't even got out of the room and I'm already playing fucking mind games with the guy. What happens if one day he's gone and there's a note saying, 'I've been beamed up'? Don't get me wrong, he's a great player. He plays like a motherfucker."

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